Custom Back Yard Rinks

100% ice in your back yard Guarantee!

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New Rink

Have our amazing teams build your very own custom rink. The build includes the frame and liner with a 100% Guarantee.


Water truck, puck protection, lighting, maintenance, pump-out, take down and storage are all billed separately.

Next Seasons

Our rinks can be made bigger or smaller, shorter or taller. Send us a new request and we will send our rink master to remeasure!


We are the only 5 Star Rink Builder in Toronto!

“The Rinkbuild team was incredible! So nice, great value for money and my kids loved the rink.
Having previously tried to put together a rink by myself using a "kit" which led to a catastrophe, working with Rinkbuild was an absolutely marvellous experience I highly recommend this amazing business to anyone who wants to become father of the year for putting up a solid, easy to maintain backyard hockey rink for their kids"

– Super man ( real google review) 

Why RinkBuild

We invite you to join our growing #ODR Family (ODR=out door rink). Family, memories and stories are why we all return each year to the rink. Rinkbuild strives to reflect this in our services. The lovely Kim ( mother) you will talk to you over the phone, Noah (son) he will measure your rink, Cam (father) will be in the community helping non Rinkbuild families fix their rinks, Roz (sister) is the liner queen, and last but not least our teams ( friends ) a group of the most polite and skilled tradesmen who happily work in the snow knowing their creating the foundation for life long memories.


*P.S  We belive in the “ODR tip”, please feel free to tip the teams in cash, coffee and/or hot chocolate

13 Years Experience

5 Star Rating

1000+ Rinks Built

Free Ongoing Support

Our Free Quoting Process


Our Rink master will work with you in person or over the phone to find the best place and size for the rink. 

Laser Level

Equipped with a laser level and measuring tape they will draw blueprint options for your rink.


Our Rinkulator™ uses all the measurements to both fairly quote and calculate volume for filling.

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