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Having 4000+ gallons of water in your Toronto backyard can be daunting. That’s why we have created several products and services inclusive with our “100% Ice In Your Back Yard Guarantee” to help our families have an amazing outdoor rink experience.

All of our custom skating rinks and prices are  custom. On average a 24 x 36 ( great size rink) with a significant slope is $2300-2500. This price includes the full build, premium liner, ongoing phone support and 100% Guarantee.

New Build

Water Truck

Puck Protection



Pumpout / Take Down



Basic Services

We offer new build + liner, water truck, maintenance, puck protection, lighting, pump-out, takedown, storage and rebuild.

All prices are custom, quoted through our Rinkulator™.


Custom Pricing

Rink Storage


The service you have been waiting for is here, seasonal storage!!

We are excited to announce that we now can store your rink at our property during the off season.

*Save 5% off your storage  quote when you commit to storage before January 23rd (Noah’s Birthday!)


Save 5%

First Timer Package


Everything you need for an effortless backyard skating rink

1. New Build (always included a new premium liner)

2. Water truck

3. weekly maintenance

4. Take down and pump-out

5. Storage 

(All items must be purchased at the same time to qualify for a 15% discount)


Save 15%

Weekly Maintenance

Our weekly maintenace package includes 2-3 passes with our rink mower to level the ice surface. Followed by torching of the ice for a slick smooth finish. 

* Shoveling not included + $20 

Save 30%

12 x 12 or less

Our family say “they could skate before they could walk” and you could too with a 12 x 12 rink. 


These rinks are designated for families with young children who need an extra easy rink to maintain as well as privacy during a very special time in a young Canadian’s life.

Flat $995

Rink Doctor

Due to popular demand we created The Rink Doctor. The Rink Doctor is a service for DIYers or families who used another rink building service and experienced problems with their rink. We are here to aid the ODR community by providing additional supports, liner patching or all out rebuild.

Time + Materials

Back Yard Skating Rink Customizations

Have you always dreamt about having your own private skating rink? Do you and your friends and family bond over hockey, figure skating, and casual ice skating? A backyard custom skating rink is just what you need. At Rinkbuild, we are proud to provide residents of Toronto with their very own private skating rinks for their backyards.

Your family and the property you inhabit are unique, so your personal skating rink should meet your unique needs. Thats why we don’t saddle you with a standard rink model. Instead, we customize your back yard rink in a number of ways.

  • Size. We can built the rink however large or small you like. We’ve built rinks up to 100 by 200 feet and as small as 12 x 12 feet.
  • Surface. We can build your rink on any solid surface. –  front or back lawn, pavement, stone, or a sports court
  •  Slope. All is not lost if your property doesn’t bare even ground. So long as we deem a slope safe, we can build on it.
  • Safety. We also offer lighting and puck protection as optional safety features.

In addition to building your home rink, we offer other vital services that will allow you to make the most of your rink. During the season we have rink a maintenance service that will make the surface of your rink smooth and good as new.

At the end of the season, we can pump out the water, disassemble and store the rink off your property so you can enjoy summer sports in the space. We can rebuild the rink year after year with the same materials or add some new boards to make it even bigger.