About Us

We’re a highly dedicated and supportive team of trades people, family and friends.

Our Mission

To create the easiest and most enjoyable rink experience for all of our #ODRFamily

Our Values

We embrace positive Canadian stereotypes; politeness, diversity, quality, community, inclusivity and most importantly family.



Hi Noah Roelofsen here, also known as the Rinkbuild Rink Master. This is my version of the RinkBuild Story


I was born in January and I love hockey so birthday parties at a local Toronto skating rink was a bit tricky with young kids being cold and of course what about cake! So, when I was 9 years old my brilliant father built a 22 x 30 outdoor skating rink in our backyard so I could have my skating party. It was the best birthday party I ever had.


For the next 10 years my father and I kept building rinks for friends and a few loyal customers, perfecting our craft year after year.


When the pandemic hit I knew backyard skating rinks would be important to skaters all over the GTA so I took over RinkBuild turning it into a service provider rather than a contracting – like company.


The first year of the pandemic we built 250 new skating rinks and were featured on several news and multi media channels including blogTo, CityTV and CBC. I also got the opportunity to pitch on Dragons Den.


What some of you may not know is that we are a small family business. My father does innovation, creating new ways to keep the ice smooth and our rinks stronger. My lovely mother handles the phones and schedules the builds ( I am sure you will have the pleasure of speaking with her), my sister is the liner installation queen and I do everything else. For 5 months out of the year we work 7 days a week 8-12 hour days to keep our #ODR Families skating all winter long.


Our yearly life hiatus is all worth it when we receive positive feedback from our #ODRFamily. It truly wouldn’t be worth it without them!


All we ask is that our #ODR family enjoy the heck out for their rink, make time to create memories with family and friends on the rink and serve hot chocolate to our RinkBuild crew!


lots of love,

Noah Roelofsen CEO